Industrial and building automation

We provide installation of distribution boards and cable connections on industrial automation and smart homes. Our specialty is the starting of the complicated control systems and modifying their activities according to the needs of the customers. We also offer the presence of our engineers at commissioning of large industrial facilities, in particular in the field of system engineering and process optimization. We also offer participation in the acceptance of works in scope of electrical installations, automation and networks, supported by appropriate building permits.

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We are passionate about automation, who after obtaining the theoretical knowledge and experience working on complicated objects, decided to start their own business. Every day we work professionally as a Control engineers and we love what we do. The proof of our competence is a diploma Warsaw University of Technology majoring in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Automation and Computer Engineering,  building qualifications to perform an independent technical function in the construction industry in the installation specialty in the field of networks, installations, electrical and power equipment, including work management without restrictions, and extensive experience in starting automation systems. Our greatest value is a well-integrated team, in which everyone knows what to do and everything works brilliant. Let us take care of the automation systems in your business or apartment, and you can be sure that you are delegating this job to professionals who feel a great passion to what they do.